Hispanics are Paying Attention to UFC. Is Your Brand?

LAS VEGAS - JANUARY 02:  UFC fighter Junior Do...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

As a huge fan of UFC and an observer of all things marketing, especially where Hispanics are concerned, I’ve been talking to clients for years about paying attention to and getting involved with UFC.

Last week UFC made their debut on network television by airing a title fight between between Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos. The title fight lasted only 64 seconds, but for FOX, UFC was a hit with the 18-49 year old males.

The peak hit at 8.8 million viewers during the fight, the highest ever for any mixed martial arts fight in television history, surpassing the numbers reached during the EliteXC broadcast featuring Kimbo Slice against James Thompson.

More than that though

The Velasquez-dos Santos fight delivered a 3.9 coverage area HH rating, 487,000 viewers, and 352,000 A18-49 making it the highest-rated fight of any kind in Spanish language cable history.

UFC has made a quick rise to popularity and now that it’s being aired on network TV, I predict we’re going to continue to see a big jump in ratings and viewership. I expect we’re going to see less and less of things like the unknown dot com address on the fighter’s clothes and more and more well-known brands finding their spot in the octagon.