Hispanics Wear Suits & Ties Too!

A nationwide restaurant that touts itself as “America’s iconic family diner” is currently using the juxtaposition of a1950s Mad Men-esque dressed father and son enjoying dessert versus today with a casual Latino father and son enjoying dessert.

Showing the progression of social change and minority influence was definitely on the brief. I get it. Sounds good and makes sense of an iconic brand. But follow the brief all the way thru and don’t stop at casting. Focus on the details: wardrobe, props, etc.

Family diner

That lack of detail caused me to interpret the menu as:

Diner visitors in the 1950s were good looking, slender, tall, suit wearing, newspaper-reading intellectual types who skimped on dessert?

Versus diner visitors today who are probably Latino, shorter, stockier men that need their own dessert with loads of whip cream on top and what appears to be a plate of bacon on the side?

This menu was a good reminder to agencies that we need ensure proper representations of culture in our client’s marketing efforts.