How do you engage Hispanics about healthcare?

Hispanics have an unfortunate, and not necessarily accurate, reputation: they are chronically unhealthy. When you read headlines about diabetes or obesity, Hispanics are often part of the headline, too, which might lead some to believe Latinos aren’t interested in their health. Mercury Mambo’s most recent campaign shows that, in fact, the opposite is true.

On April 27, as part of our work for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX), we held a celebration for Mexico’s El Día Del Niño at El Rancho Supermercado in Austin. Our goals for the event were to increase brand awareness by engaging Latino families so that BCBSTX reps could share information about their products while simultaneously engaging children and their parents in fun, educational activities.

In just three hours Mercury Mambo engaged with more than 600 attendees; that’s 200 people an hour learning about BCBSTX’s products!

Specifically Mercury Mambo set up in two 10’ by 10’ booths and distributed fun face masks to children, allowing them color their own masks and receive free coloring books, crayons and teddy bears.

The Mercury Mambo event was so engaging that children came back to decorate multiple masks, and parents were excited to take photos of their children in BCBSTX cut-outs.

It’s important to remember that, statistically, Hispanics as a group have more children and are younger as a population than other groups. Latino children in Texas, in particular, are a large and important part of the population. So, for Mercury Mambo, engaging families and children was the natural way to engage Hispanics about healthcare.

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