Series: Results from Our Hispanic Shopper Marketing Study

As a Hispanic shopper marketing agency, we dive into Hispanic shopper behavior like branding agencies study logos. Two years ago, as a response to the lack of actionable data directly related to Hispanic shopper behavior, we undertook our first Hispanic Shopper Marketing and Retailer Study to assess the effectiveness of Hispanic experiential and promotional marketing.

This is the first post in a series on the study and its findings. Over the  next several posts I will share our results on the following topics:

  • How Hispanics are cutting costs in the recession
  • The interest of Hispanics in discounts, giveaways, rebates, contests, events, internet promotions, and loyalty programs
  • The effectiveness of price promotions and events for Hispanic shoppers
  • What types of programs and advertising result in the most word of mouth
  • Which is more effective in a contest with Hispanics: small or large prizes
  • Hispanics’ language preference for in-store signage: Spanish, English or Bilingual?
  • Which are more effective: promotions developed specifically for the Hispanic market or those adapted from general market
  • Retailer’s thoughts about the effectiveness of events and radio remotes held at their stores
  • What merchandising activities are most important to retailers for driving sales

Survey Sample and Methodology

As we approached the study, we surveyed two convenience samples of 260 adult consumers and 55 retailers that were drawn from top Hispanic markets of Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

The profiles of are respondents feel into 2 categories:


  • Hispanics intercepted at malls, shopping centers, special events & other high traffic areas.
  • 72% of the sample is Spanish Dominant and 28% are Bilingual.  Excludes Hispanics who speak primarily English.
  • Over half are female, half are adults under 30 years of age, and the rest are between ages 30 and 40.


  • Retailers interviewed face-to-face. and selected from Mercury Mambo’s Hispanic Retailer database.
  • Managers who work in-store.  Majority from large chains in predominantly Hispanic areas (3/4+ Hispanic).
  • Also includes some input from small stores and medium independents.

Are There Questions That You Would Like Us To Include in the Next Study?

We’re currently designing the next study that we will start fielding in June. Are there questions you’d like to see included?