How Latinas are increasingly influencing what products you will be buying

I’ve always appreciated the feedback of my Latina friends and family. The Latinas in my life are not afraid to share their wants and needs…and always some fun.

“Hey Aaron, here’s how you can look a little better in pictures…no, seriously…just <if you’ve not heard this comment or suggestion before – just ask someone – you can easily find some pro tips on looking good in 2D>. And Aaron – Have you thought about adding <insert ingredient> to your lasagna cupcake dish? It will be amazing!” Gotta love it!

The growing number of U.S. Latinas, their purchasing power and consumption habits are the focus of a new report by Nielsen, released Thursday. According to “Latina Power Shift,” more Latinas than ever – approximately 86 percent – consider themselves the decision makers in household spending, which is expected to reach $1.5 trillion by 2015. It’s a number that, when spent across categories like groceries, technology, beauty products and automobiles, has become the object of attention by marketers and businesses alike.