How to LOL in Spanish

Per Becky’s post, Hispanics are More Tech Savvy than People Think, you might be asking yourself, “Hmmm.  I wonder what Spanish speakers use instead of LOL.”

In case you didn’t know, LOL refers to “laugh out loud“.  You might have learned in English class that this is called an acronym.  These “acronyms” are used in conversations online to shorten the amount of time spent typing an e-mail, instant message, or on a forum/social media site.

So, how does one LOL en español?

Well, I took a survey of some Spanish speaking coworkers and asked what they use online when talking to their friends on Facebook, IM, or e-mail.  Here’s what I found:

NTC – No Te Creas (I’m just kidding)

NTPA – No Te Puedo Ayudar (Can’t help you out)

Ke or K – Que (What?)

Wey – Güey (Dude!)

Pa – Para (For)

PQ or XQ – Por que? (Why?)

T – Te (Your)

TMB – Tambien (Also)

RPTT – Repórtate (Give me a call)

VDD – Verdad (“True”, as in, You called me, right?)

Grax – Gracias (Thank you)

CDT – Cambiando de Tema (used when changing the subject)

George Lopez made a new one, but you might have to e-mail me @ matt [at] mercurymambo dot com to find out what it is.  I’m trying to keep this blog PG-13.

What are some other Spanish acronyms that you’ve come across?