If This Doesn’t Portend A Paradigm Shift, Nothing Does: Miami Ad School En Español

If anything has illustrated just how impactful the 2010 United States Census was on the media world, this would be it: Miami Ad School, one of the country’s top-ranked creative advertising programs, has launched a program En Español.

That’s right. You can now major in Hispanic advertising.

Miami Ad School

Miami Ad School en Español, which began in the summer of 2011, is a two-year education in art direction and copywriting taught primarily in Spanish by leading Hispanic creatives. In their second year, students can study and intern in various multicultural agencies in the US, Latin America, and Spain.

“The 2010 US Census found that, as a demographic group, Hispanics have experienced the largest percentage of population growth in the past decade,” says a press release on the Miami Ad School blog. “Over the same period, Hispanic purchasing power has surged to over US $1 trillion. To meet the demand these figures suggest, Miami Ad School is taking a decisive step in preparing creatives for this rapidly growing market. “

It’s a bold move, but it makes sense for a school headquartered in one of the top Hispanic media markets in America—South Beach. What’s more, it bodes well for the future of Hispanic creative as these kids are likely to be further influenced by industry standards.

Founded in 1992, Miami Ad School has a reputation of consistently winning creative awards for its student work while innovating curriculums that span multiple campuses, in eight countries, allowing students to live and work in various locations throughout their time with the school.

It will be interesting to see if other ad schools follow. Miami definitely has an advantage with its location, but now that they’ve thrown down the gauntlet, anything goes.