In Pursuit of Success


The Pew Hispanic Center recently released a study examining the importance Latino’s place on education and their propensity to follow through with getting a college degree.  Studies such as this offer us a sobering view of the challenges facing Hispanics living in the U.S. and better contextualize the market we’re seeking to tap.

Some of the findings presented in the report included:

1) “Nearly nine-in-ten” (88%) Hispanics agree that a college degree is important for getting ahead in life, greater than the share (74%) of the general public that says the same.”
2) “Just under half (48%) of Latinos ages 18 to 25 say they plan to obtain a bachelor’s degree or more.  By contrast, 60% of all young adults ages 18 to 25 say they want to obtain a bachelor’s degree or more.”
3) “The biggest reason for the gap between the high value Latinos place on education and their more modest aspirations to finish college appears to come from financial pressure to support a family.”
Source: Pew Hispanic Center.

In lieu of pursuing higher education, Hispanics take whatever work they can get in order to care for their families.  As reported by Pew, “29% of all immigrant female Hispanics ages 16 to 25 [are] mothers, compared with 17% of native-born female Hispanics and 12% of white females.”  The expense of starting a family young precludes Latino immigrants from access to a higher education.  Additionally, many young immigrant Hispanics feel obligated to send remittances to family members in their home countries, placing an even greater strain on already limited finances.

It’s important to be cognizant of the challenges Latinos face when it comes to getting an education.  More than any other group, Hispanics seem to acknowledge the correlation between higher education and success, but ultimately rank school as less of a priority.

The findings expressed in the Pew report underscore the aspirational nature of Hispanic culture, something Mambo has explored in its experiential marketing campaigns.  Latinos embrace success and respond positively to personal appeals, as evidenced in the following Mambo case study.

U.S. Cellular & Picture Success


U.S Cellular underwent a major re-branding initiative in 2008 in an attempt to reinforce the idea that they connect people, not just phone calls.  The Spanish language slogan
“Cree en algo mejor”
was brought to life through a relevant brand engagement, giving consumers the chance to get personal with U.S. Cellular.

Hispanics take pride in themselves and believe in achieving their goals.  The aspirational nature of Latino culture has imbued them with a desire to succeed.

The U.S. Cellular Picture Success experience provided an inspirational platform for visitor engagements with specified stations:
Information Station – Sales team members reviewed the latest mobile phone devices and technologies, sales promotions, and savings offers with the ability to activate new customers on site
Photo Station – Visitors selected from two inspirational backgrounds, including either a soccer stadium backdrop or a concert stage.  Consumers received their personalized photos attractively placed in cellophane sleeves with a bounceback coupon
Share it Station – Due to the increasing adoption of mobile phone technology and social media by Hispanics, consumers were given the option to immediately send their photo to a social media site, mobile phone, or email account.
Post Event – Consumers were driven to to download their picture and push it out to any social media site. This website also offered consumers the opportunity to print special savings offers and take a brief survey for the chance to win concert or sport event tickets. The survey measured brand and experience opinions as well as future brand usage considerations.
– Leveraging sponsorships in each of the brand’s key Hispanic markets, the Picture Success experience operated at established festivals to achieve maximum exposure on a grassroots level. The campaign was scalable with a smaller variation in the event footprint design to accommodate U.S. Cellular’s participation in second tier markets.

– Over 52,750 one-on-one intercepts across 8 events in Chicago IL, Sunnyside WA, Oklahoma City OK and Waukesha WI
– Approximately 13,530 individuals “pictured success” by taking their photo
– Over 556 surveys completed giving U.S. Cellular a great perspective on consumer opinions and consideration of the brand and experience

Know who your clients are and what motivates them.  What makes them tick?  Hispanics are success-oriented and constantly aspire to do better for themselves.  The U.S. Cellular Picture Success campaign identified this cultural trait and capitalized on it.  Mambo knows how to do it right!