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Intern Farewell: Thanks For Helping Me Become A Leader

By Stephanie Palos

Well ladies and gents, today is officially my last day as an intern with Mercury Mambo. It has been a great and eventful four months here. As I had my exit interview with Paulina and Carmen, it dawned on me that it is officially over. I have grown to care for my family at Mambo on a professional and personal level.

With Mambo, I have done tasks from inputting information in a computer to researching on Latino Millennials to preparing for an important meeting with one of their main clients. My favorite memory at Mambo was having the opportunity to present to their client Vilore. As I was preparing the information for the presentation, I was getting more and more nervous as the day was getting near. The night before I went into the office to run through the presentation with Paulina and Liz because I wanted to get it just right. That night Paulina told me that if I ever needed help, she would jump in and pick up where I left off.

The morning of the meeting came, and I did not feel ready to present. Introductions were made and there were few dialogues until Becky motioned for us to go to the front of the room. As soon as the presentation started, something came over me, and I was able to present very well without the help of Paulina. I felt very accomplished. I told them that I had channeled my inner Beyoncé because she is fierce and is very successful in accomplishing what she wants.

Because of the leadership skills represented by Liz, Becky, Carmen, and Paulina at Mambo, they further assisted in the development of my communication skills as well as my ability to implement individual projects and function as a contributor on various team projects within Mambo. The experience at Mercury Mambo was more than I could have expected because working with the great minds of Mambo has helped me use the knowledge I’ve acquired over the past three and a half years as a college student at The University of Texas at Austin.

Becky, Liz, Paulina, Daniela, and Carmen, this isn’t a farewell, but an “I’ll see you later.” I hope to work with y’all again in the future.

Forever a Mambita,

Stephanie Palos