Israel Lopez, Inventor of the Mambo, dies at 89.

Israel Lopez Israel Lopez, the Cuban bassist and composer who is credited with inventing the style of music known as the “Mambo”, has died at the age of 89. Lopez, who was known to all by his nickname “Cachao”, passed away at Coral Gables Hospital as the result of complications from kidney failure. Considered one the most important figures in Cuban music, Lopez created the style of mambo by adding an open-ended improvisation to the traditional Cuban daizon and incorporating the horns from big band.

The Grammy nominated musician was quoted by Miami Herald saying:
“I’m a musician. That’s what I do, I never had delusions of grandeur. I never expected to be famous or anything like that. I just played, and whatever happened happened.”

He is survived by a daughter and grandson, he will be deeply missed.

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