Latinas expect high tech gifts for Mother’s Day

By Daniela Lopez

With mother’s day around the corner, I was interested in finding out what sort of gifts people plan to give their madrecitas, and how they differ from previous generations. I recall my mom getting things such as cacerolas (pans) and other household items, very common at a time when a mother was expected to be the “homemaker.”

This notion has drastically changed in the 21st century.

Today millennial Latina mothers are more career-driven, tech savvy, and have taken on the role of “breadwinner.” They are a key influence on the U.S. economy and are expected to make up 30% of the total female population by 2060.

So what do mothers want on the third largest retail holiday after Christmas?

Forget about the old-fashioned flowers and a gift card! Most millennial mamas are expecting to receive high-tech gadgets on their special day. This year they have their eyes set on the latest tablets, e-readers, and smartphones to help them with their day-to-day routine — from organizing a busy work schedule to shopping and finding recipes online. For most Latinas, technology is a resource for networking, sharing experiences, and maintaining their ethnic culture.

I haven’t had the honor of becoming a mother, but can appreciate the ease and joy with which other mothers use their smartphones and tablets to keep their family members updated with their children’s lives.

[Image Via Johan Larsson]