How Latinos & Zoe Saldana Make Diversity Lucrative

Diversity is the new black — at least that’s what everyone is saying. The latest upfronts are among the most diverse ever, according to Time:

major broadcast networks announced what was the most racially diverse broadcast schedule in a long time–maybe ever, depending how you measure it. It wasn’t just about “black best friends” this year; there are several new and returning shows with minority lead characters, several of them minority women. The trend was spread across networks–though ABC had an especially diverse lineup–and across groups: not only African American but Hispanic and Asian American actors will lead casts next season.

The only color anyone ultimately cares about is green, according to Time, and diverse casts have shown they have the power to become hits. Speaking of green, in her latest turn, Afrolatina actress Zoe Saldaña will star in one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters, “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Saldaña is exemplary of this diversity-as-profit trend when you look at her resume: “Guess Who,” “Avatar,” “Colombiana,” “Star Trek,” TV’s “Rosemary’s Baby” remake, she’s been in films marketed to African Americans, big action blockbusters, made-for-TV movies, but most importantly she’s made tons of money for lots of people.

This is especially relevant given that Latinos continue to be a trillion dollar consumer group that increasingly makes up a big portion of box office ticket sales. Going forward, diversity will be less about being “PC” and more about turning a profit, until then enjoy the trailer for Saldaña’s upcoming film:

Image Via Ewan Roberts