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Leading in Multicultural Marketing: an Interview with Mambo Intern Stephanie Palos

Our intern Stephanie Palos has been a great asset around the Mambo offices lately, we wanted to catch up with her and get a chance to know her better.

After I graduate from college, I would like to take the lead in multicultural advertising, but primarily advertising targeted to Latinos. There have been many times where I have seen misrepresentation of the Latino culture in ads; I want to change the stereotypes. Also, many brands don’t necessarily take the time to figure out the wants and needs Latinos look for in a brand.”

Hometown: Laredo, Texas

College: The University of Texas at Austin

Major/Minor: Advertising Major/ Business Foundations Certification

1. What’s your education focus?

I am majoring in Advertising with a focus on Account Planning, and I also hold a certification in Business Foundations.

2. How did you hear about Mercury Mambo?

Before becoming a Mercury Mambo intern, I was interning for Latinitas, a non-profit organization based out of Austin, Texas. The co-founder of Latinitas was helping me network with professionals in the advertising industry during the Summer, and at that time she set me up on a meeting with Liz Arreaga. Throughout our introductory meeting, I was telling Liz about the goals I would like to accomplish in the industry, and she told me a bit about Mercury Mambo. After our meeting, I decided to apply for Mambo’s internship program. I left the meeting feeling invincible; Liz gave me hope and let me know that I had potential in this field.

3. What is the single most important thing you’ve learned so far at Mercury Mambo?

I’ve learned that deadlines are crucial in any industry. If you ever feel like you won’t be able to provide a finished assignment on time, it is great to ask your buddies for help.

4. What is the most challenging about juggling school and work?

As a student, organization leader, and intern, the most challenging thing about juggling all of my commitments is staying on track and managing my time efficiently.

5. Single activity that has most prepared you for this internship?

I feel like there have been many components in my college career that have prepared me the most for this internship, but being an Advertising major at The University of Texas is what has prepared me the most. The professors in the advertising department have provided me with enough knowledge to be able to apply the proper knowledge that has been provided to me. It feels good to be in agency meetings, and be able to follow along with the conversation and put a bit of input.