Mambo Intern Highlight: Olga Rangel

Olga RangelOur three student interns have done an amazing job assisting, creating and acting on many different projects. They are an integral part of the Mambo magic.

Olga Rangel, University of Texas at Austin

Q: What’s next for you – graduation, summer vacation, travel abroad?
Olga: I am excited to be graduating from The University of Texas at Austin this May! Currently, my plan is to stay in Austin and enjoy the summer with friends while searching for the perfect job.


Q: As an intern – what is the single most important thing you’ve learned?
Olga: As an intern, the single most important thing I have learned is how important the Hispanic community is to the future of businesses. I am honored to be a part of this growing demographic and excited to see the growing dedication to Latinos like me.


Q: What surprised you the most?
Olga: I was most surprised at how efficient everyone is at Mercury Mambo. For being a small agency, everyone makes sure they provide the best work for each and every one of their clients and the amount everyone gets done in a day is amazing. It truly is a fast-paced environment.


Q: What was your favorite project?
Olga: My favorite project was probably the research I did for 7-Eleven. I was in charge of finding information on how Latinos are optimistic about the economy despite their stagnant income. My favorite projects have surrounded finding research on something that may not have a set of numbers and being able to either back it up or suggest insights based on my research.


Q: What was most challenging about juggling school and work?
Olga: The most challenging thing about juggling school and work has been dedicating the necessary time for each project. I was fortunate to work on six client projects throughout the semester for school plus all the work I got to do for Mercury Mambo. The toughest part was decided which project needed my attention first so I could provide my best work to each client.


Q: Single most important project you’ve provided help/assistance?
Olga: I think one of the most important projects I have helped with has been the creative brief for a potential new client (Macy’s). To be trusted with such a big task was something very special to me and I learned a lot from the experience which only helped me to improve on my research and planning skills.


Q: Favorite memory?
Olga: I have had an awesome time interning at the Mambo and my favorite memories surround the Monday agency meetings. This is a time where everyone gets together and catches up, review work on accounts and sets goals for the week. These were the moments when I felt like a part of the Mambo team and where everyone gave shoutouts to each other for the great work we all produce. I loved the pep talks that Becky and the team gave which only made me more excited to be working for such a fantastic agency. I am grateful for the opportunity to intern here and humbled to learn from so many wonderful people. I am so excited to go on and use what the skills I have gained to do great things in my future!