Mambo’s Carmen Murcia Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Mercury Mambo Director of Experiential Marketing Carmen Elena Murcia just celebrated 10 years with the agency and said that, while she’s learned a lot over the past decade, she’s more in love than ever with the agency and her work.  We asked her a few questions about her time here, read and enjoy!

How did you get your start at Mercury Mambo?

I was doing marketing in El Salvador, and also studied business and economics. I moved to Austin to study English and thought, “Why not do an internship at a Hispanic marketing agency?” So I looked on LinkedIn and emailed Mercury Mambo, Becky responded to me.

I met with Becky here on the Starbucks on Lamar. She didn’t speak any Spanish and I didn’t speak any English! So it was a quiet, interesting interview, we had almost did it in sign language. She called me like a week later saying, “Come work for us.”

I started with translations, Hispanic insights, and after three months she hired me full-time and that’s the story. I was hired as an account coordinator. My first project was a Hispanic sampling program for Dr. Pepper, and that’s how I started my passion for experiential marketing.

Why did you want to pursue Hispanic marketing?

I wanted to know more about how they did marketing in the U.S. before I went back to El Salvador. I didn’t know English that well, so I thought it was a place where I could bring insights while I was here. That’s when I discovered my expertise!

What made me passionate about my work was that I had the chance to work with my community, because when you do experiential marketing you have a chance to do something no one has done before. When I was working on the sampling project for Dr. Pepper I was giving Hispanics the opportunity to work for me.

What are some lessons you’ve learned during these years?

You don’t want to bend to every whim of your client, but make sure you’re doing everything to give them the best project possible.

You need to have a great team around you —to build a great team — to be successful. That’s the best thing about working at Mercury Mambo, the owners, the pillars of this agency, treat every single person here like a family. They care.