Más Club in Houston

I wish Houston was less than three hours from Austin. I am contemplating driving to Houston once a quarter to shop at the new Sam’s Hispanic concept store, Más Club. I will throw a few empty ice chests in Más in Houstonthe truck and head down there Saturday morning and return that evening with enough specialty and traditional Hispanic foods to spoil my family. Anyone interested in joining me?

Más Club opened on August 6th in North Houston and let me tell you that it is worth a visit. The selection of Hispanic specialty items and low prices is worth the gas money.

I applaud the folks in Bentonville, Arkansas for developing this concept. From the moment I walked in it is apparent that a lot of thought has gone into every single item and display in the store.Más Chicharrones

Immediately shoppers are greeted with bilingual staff members and signage. Before shopping, I advise grabbing an agua fresca at the Café. After you shop you can swing back and enjoy some carnita tacos, barbacoa or other mouth-watering dishes. They do also offer hot dogs and pizza, but why bother when the food next to it looks like your grandmother just cooked it versus being heated up in a microwave.

The fruit selection is colorful and exotic, the bakery reminds you of the panadería down the street, the meat selection makes you want to strike up a grill as soon as you get home, and the beverage and candy aisles have just about every flavor, sweet and spicy to enticCandy Aislee your palette. Plus there is of course the necessary religious gifts to consider right alongside a new olla for tamales or sartén for paella. Onsite there are also services such as a Barri Money Center and medical clinic.

So buzz me if you are interested in carpooling to Houston every three months to stock up on some good food. It is worth it. Your familia will thank you.