Carolina Rios

Meet Mambo Intern Carolina Rios

Every semester we look forward to new Mambitos joining the crew. Our Fall Mambitos are here and ready to make the Mambo magic happen. This semester we invite you to meet Carolina Rios!

Hometown: Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

College/University: St. Edward’s University

Major/Minor/any other focus: Marketing Major & Graphic Design Minor

What’s your education focus?
My focus is in the social media and advertising field. I eventually want to influence in a positive way in the media industry that is why I first want to clearly understand how to fuse social media and marketing in the correct way.

How did you hear of Mercury Mambo?
A school acquaintance told me about Mambo and encouraged me to take a look at it. Once I looked them up online I immediately knew it was a perfect fit for me.

As an intern – what is the single most important thing you want to learn at Mercury Mambo?
I really want to learn from every aspect I can at Mambo. Although, I have to say that understanding how advertising and marketing works in the “real world” is my main point of interest.

Where would you like to take the lead in the Advertising Industry and why?
I would love to work in the media industry at some point in my future. I believe that the media industry is an important key to the formation of a healthy society so being able to influence society in a positive way excites me a lot.

What is most challenging about juggling school and work?
Definitely having a balance in life. In order to have enough time for work and school it’s really important to make priorities and have times set for work, school and yourself.

Single activity that has most prepared you for this internship?
I would say that my last place of work prepared me the most for this internship. There I worked as Assistant to the Editor for a new magazine in town and experienced what it is like to work in a new company. By doing “a little of everything” I found out what and where exactly I want to focus in my professional career.