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Meet Mambo Intern Robert Harrison Barnes

We’re so excited to be working with a new group of Mercury Mambo interns in 2015, meet Robert Harrison Barnes!

Hometown: Austin (yeah… I’m actually from here.)

College/University: Louisiana State University

Major/Minor(s): International Studies with a concentration on Latin America and Minors in Business Administration and Spanish

MM: What’s your education focus?

I graduated from Louisiana State University in 2011 with a Major in International Studies – focusing on Latin America – and Minors in both Business Administration and Spanish. I’ve been interested in Marketing and Advertising ever since taking my first introductory courses in school but because I joined the Peace Corps immediately after graduating, I haven’t had the opportunity to scratch that creative marketing/advertising itch until now.

MM: How did you hear of Mercury Mambo?

I first heard about Mercury Mambo a little over a year ago through word of mouth and have steadily followed the agency online ever since. I was first drawn to Mercury Mambo because of the attention they give to Hispanic Millennials, a group I believe is incredibly important to the future of our community, and decided to apply for an internship once I learned of their commitment to embracing a diverse, multicultural workplace.

MM: What is the single most important thing you’ve learned so far at Mercury Mambo?

Even though they bark at you at first, the office dogs are VERY sweet.

MM: Where would you like to take the lead in the Advertising Industry and why

Personally, I love thinking of different ways to sell and market different events and products – especially if that means I get to make people laugh, smile or think about something in a new and creative way. Because I have this sort of focus I’d really like to consider becoming a Copywriter or Creative Director in some way, shape or form.

MM: What is most challenging about juggling school and work?

Although I’m not in school anymore, I’m still juggling the work I do as an NGO President and the work I do as an intern with Mercury Mambo. I think times like this go the most smoothly when you manage your time properly to make sure all deadlines are met and to make sure you’re not spreading yourself too thin.

MM: Single activity that has most prepared you for this internship?

Right after I graduated from college I was accepted to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru (…be jealous) as a member of their Water and Sanitation Program. I didn’t have ANY experience in engineering, or in anything related to water systems maintenance for that matter, but I learned how to adapt to get things done (this took a lot of creative problem solving skills). In the same way that I may not have the most intensive marketing background, I know that I’ll be able to learn on the fly to meet the goals Mercury Mambo has set for their interns.