Meet Mambo Intern Sydney Meyer

We’re so excited to be working with a new group of Mercury Mambo interns in 2015, meet Sydney Meyer!

Hometown: Houston, Texas

College/University: Texas State University

Major/Minor/any other focus: General Studies, focus in Mass Communication, Sociology, and Writing.

MM: What’s your education focus?

My focus at Texas State is to obtain a fresh perspective in the mass communication field, specifically with advertising. I chose my degree as a way to get a sociological standpoint when dealing with trends and patterns in the advertising world.

MM: How did you hear about Mercury Mambo?

I heard about Mercury Mambo while searching online for advertising agencies in the Austin area, and I really liked that this was a business built by women with a target demographic that is underrepresented in the ad world.

MM: As an intern – what is the single most important thing you’ve learned so far at Mercury Mambo?

As an intern working at Mercury Mambo so far I’ve learned that the couches are way more comfy to sit at than the desks and the espresso machine is my new best friend.

MM: Where would you like to take the lead in the advertising industry and why?

Ultimately my goal is to focus on why the ad world seems to keep the public stuck in the 1950’s, and try to integrate new ideas into pushing it into the 21st century.

MM: What is the most challenging thing about juggling school and work?

The hardest part about juggling school and work for me is when I’m at school I can’t help thinking about projects going on at work, and vice versa; time management is super important.

MM: Single activity that has most prepared you for this internship?

Honestly I think that any of the classes I’ve taken have helped me prepare for this internship, but until you actually submerge yourself in the “business” so to speak, it’s hard to get a feel for what it’s actually going to be like. I think some of the basic classes, like Intro to Advertising, was really helpful just because it’s the first class where you get a clear idea of what’s in store for you.