Meet New Intern – Gabriela Pineda – #XperienceMambo



Name: Gabriela Pineda

Country of Origin: El Salvador
School: Texas State University in San Marcos
Major: Communications
Minor: Mass Communications


1. What’s your education focus?

This semester is my last semester in Texas State. I cant explain how excited I’m to move forward, learn and grow more. My classes in Texas State has brought more curiosity to me to what it will be of me after graduation. Every class I have been taking excites me. After my graduation I’m open to learn and experience more in my major area.
2. How did you hear of Mercury Mambo?

I have heard about Mercury Mambo from friends and family. I have only heard amazing comments about Mercury Mambo; that’s why I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to experience and learn more. Knowing they are an Hispanic agency makes it even more exciting, especially because I’m from El Salvador.

3. As an intern – what is the single most important thing you’re excited to learn?

As an intern, starting to learn and experience in my personal opinion everything should make me excited. When we want to grow and learn, even the smallest things will be worth it. Even those things should make us excited to learn more. But, focusing more in the event planning, I’m interested and excited to learn every step, coordination and organization that needs to be made to make an event successful.

4. What do you think will be your biggest challenge, as an intern?

My biggest challenge will be learning from my mistakes. I want the Mercury Mambo team to tell me when I’m doing something wrong and learn to do it better.Another challenge will also be to challenge myself everyday; give and show more of what I’m learning everyday.

5. What is most challenging about juggling school and work?

It’s my last semester and I want to make everything worth it. Its a blessing for me to get the chance to be an intern in Mercury Mambo and also graduating and getting a degree. Not everyone gets the chance to have this in their lives, and I’m thankful everyday in my life for that. It will definitely be hard juggling school and work, but everything is possible. This is a way to prove myself what I can do. I need to manage my time and be organized and responsible.

6. Single activity that has most prepared you for this internship?

In the past I had the opportunity to work in an internship called La Fete in El Salvador. They were a small event planning agency. The agency was owned by three women who were in charge of three different branches. I had the chance to work and learn from the three of them and work with their team. I got to learn how they presented and event to their client, how they tried to persuade the client to do an event and the creative area on doing the event. I had a lot of fun, and learned a lot. Working there definitely made me want to learn more about event planning mostly in a bigger area.