Millennials Have Changed the Game of Marketing Today. Brands – Have You Changed Yours?

Excellent reading; even though the article did not mention Hispanic Millennials as a key to reaching Millennials for many years to come. Hispanic Millennials represent 16% of total Millennials; growing at a 60+%. Even higher for 18-29; 80% growth rate. Hispanic Millennials represent 65% of the total Hispanic population in the US.Their reach and influence is by far one to keep your eye on.
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It then led me to this – Millennials are the most important customers right now for ands and will be for many years. “Every and and retailer had better be re-positioning their offerings and shopping experience to cater to the generational onslaught of the millennials, soon to put to shame the once vaunted purchasing power of the boomers,” said Robin Lewis, CEO of “The Robin Report” and co-author of “The New Rules of Retail.”