Mobile activation a critical component in the grocery shopping experience – PGSTORE – Private Label Store Brands

Are you considering how your consumer shops your channel and integrating mobile accordingly? As a retailer, you need to be keenly aware of how your consumers are using their smart-phones before, during, and after their shopping experience.

Smartphones also are having an impact on the shopping experience. Forty-seven percent of consumers indicated their smartphones influenced purchases while shopping at a grocery store. Additionally, smartphones are making the shopping experience functionally better by helping consumers organize shopping, locate deals and save money and time. And they are making the shopping experience emotionally better for consumers by easing stress, adding fun, providing the “thrill of the deal” and inspiring confidence.

Another piece of good news for grocery stores is the fact that grocery is the least likely of the five retail channels to be influenced to purchase outside the store. Only 13 percent of shoppers say the use of their mobile device influenced them to buy either online or at another store, while that number is much higher for the mass merchandise channel (27 percent).

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