Mobile Latinos Like To Shop With A Friend

Data from a recent survey of more than 500 Hispanic smartphone users says that 68 percent of them prefer to shop in person and with a companion when buying expensive items and approximately 50 percent like to bring a companion even when buying everyday items like toilet paper.

But Latinos love being online! How to jibe the two? Researchers from digital marketing agencies White Horse and Sensis, who conducted the study, recommend retailers create smartphone experiences in the store.

“Collective shopping lists, for example, would let family members check off items as they put them in the shopping cart,” says interactive advertising journalist Susan Kuchinskas. “A scanned QR code that sent a product image to a companion’s mobile phone could let that person click a thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon.”

Also worth a thought: Co-shopping mobile apps with different levels of permission that allow purse-string holders across the store to approve or disallow purchases or make suggestions.

This is a great idea considering the study’s findings that Hispanic shoppers shun product reviews for the advice of their shopping companions. It also supports the news that Hispanics will spend $500 Million in mobile apps in 2012, according to December 2011 research by advisory firm Zpryme.

“There are a couple apps out there with features like the ones recommended, such as multi-user shopping lists, but we are not aware of any app that is completely built around the idea of ‘co-shopping,’” says Ramiro Padilla, strategic planner with Sensis and co-author of the report.

Of course, reliable, free wifi is a must if you’re going to offer these more innovative interactive shopping experiences.

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