MundoFOX Hits The Road To Market To Latino Viewers

Fox’s new Spanish-language network MundoFOX is hitting the road this summer with an entertainment tour to engage with viewers where they live. The Conexion en Vivo Tour, announced July 3rd will feature musical acts, games, prizes, and appearances by “the network´s top emerging talent.” “We don´t want to introduce the public to the brand, we want every person to actively connect and engage with it through music, bold visuals, social media sharing and more,” says MundoFOX President Emiliano Saccone.

The tour kicks off July 7 and will hit at least five major Hispanic U.S. cities like Anaheim (which they’re calling Los Angeles), Miami, Chicago, Dallas and New York. The show will play in entertainment venues like the House of Blues in Downtown Disney and New York’s Best Buy Theater in Times Square.

Mercury Mambo’s “Hispanic Shopper & Retailer Study” recently touted the effectiveness of community involvement and the use of many smaller prizes rather than one big prize when targeting the Hispanic community. The study also showed that if Hispanic Shoppers can sample a product, 90% of them would buy it. That’s up 12% over the previous year. Eighty-four percent of those interviewed had never bought the item previously, and 84% had not planned on buying it.

The Conexion en Vivo Tour could do well provided the talent passes muster. Of course billed Spanish singer Natalia Jimenez, who most famously dueted with Ricky Martin on his last album, is a somewhat underwhelming draw and while tropical stars Tito el Bambino and Victor Manuelle may do well on the East Coast, MundoFOX will have to come up with different musical acts for western crowds with a more Mexican influence.