Power to the People

When it comes to events, it’s all about the people. As part of our business, I go to any and every event, retailtainment or otherwise, that I can. I’ve been to events that cost almost nothing to put on and I’ve been to events that cost millions to put on. Through all the smoke and mirrors, what always makes or breaks an event, or a company’s presence at an event, is the staff.

At the end of the day, all events are about connections and making a positive impact on the audience. When you’re a brand and you’re using an event as a marketing effort, this connection is crucial.

A positive interaction with a brand ambassador can create a long term loyalty. Alternately, a negative interaction is difficult to overcome. Statistically, one negative brand interaction takes 5 positive interactions to counter it.

The million dollar question becomes, how do you ensure the positive interactions only? The answer, you have to hire for it and you have to train for it. There really are no shortcuts.

Here are a couple of tips to hiring great people to work your events:

  • Look for personality first. People that love to talk to people, more often than not, make great Brand Ambassadors.
  • Balance the personality with a drive to share information. You don’t need folks that will just talk to people, you need folks that will share the benefits of your brand.

If you get the right people to be your Brand Ambassadors and you provide them with the right tools and information to do their job, your event will be a success.