Promotions That Will Help Drive Hispanic Shoppers to your Brand

This is part 3 in a series of posts on the results from our Hispanic Shopper Marketing and Retailer Study. Today we look at promotions that will help drive Hispanic Shoppers to purchase your brand’s products.

Discounts, coupons and give-aways are clearly the most popular types of promotions that both Hispanic consumers and retailers found attractive.

What was interesting though, was what came up second on the list – events and loyalty activations. These participatory style of events include free festivals and fairs and stores events with entertainment. In addition to great prices, our consumers are looking for that intangible added value that they can find at a retailer. An example of this type of event is a mobile marketing tour that we did for 7UP featuring cooking  demonstrations. Other examples can include health fairs and screenings, radio remotes and store grand openings.

It’s also interesting to note, and something that we’re keeping our eye on, that internet promotions aren’t that popular at this time. However, this is one of the things that we are continuing to track closely because we know that internet usage is becoming more and more prevalent among Spanish dominant U.S. Hispanics. As usage grows, this will afford opportunities to extend promotions outside of the store through the web.

Mail-in rebates, contests and raffles are less appealing to consumers possibly due to the fact that they require providing personal information to participate. Many Spanish-dominant consumers may not be comfortable sharing this type of information.

Consumers and retailers alike are paying attention to promotions now more than ever. Manufacturers are in the unique position to increase the value proposition of their promotions, not only as it pertains to price, but also as it pertains to entertainment.

Questions to Ask When You Are Planning a Promotional Calendar for Your Brand

When planning your promotions, remember that there are many different methods and channels at your disposal to help develop the best promotion for your brand and budget. Knowing your target and the best way to reach them, maximizes your dollars and helps build loyalty among your consumers. Here are some questions to help you develop your plan:

  • What assets or properties can your brand leverage at a store level?
  • Are there existing mobile tours that your brand is already involved that can be routed to Hispanic stores or festivals?
  • Can you leverage your media buys for longer or more consistent grassroots outreach?
  • Are you maximizing your current efforts to deliver on this added-value mindset?

Our next post will be on the effectiveness of price promotions and events for Hispanic shoppers.

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Let us know if  you have a question you would like us to consider including in our 2011 Hispanic Shopper Marketing and Retailer Study?

Source: Mercury Mambo’s Hispanic Shopper Marketing Study, 2009