Research: Internet Radio Listening Much Higher among Hispanics in Top Markets

But where is Batanga? Although these figures are amazing and it’s great to see the Latino population continuing to stay ahead of the tech and pop culture curve, sadly, companies are not keeping pace with relevant content. In recent conversations with Batanga Radio regarding their site and app – they still offer the greatest variety of Spanish-language and Spanish-leaning music.

As go Los Angeles, New York and Miami…so goes the rest of the markets. Bravo to Pandora for capturing 25% of Hispanics and LA and Miami and a whopping 34% in New York City!

Findings from a top ten market study reveal that 32.7% of all Hispanics have logged on in the past month to an Internet radio website such as Pandora Radio, iHeartRadio, or Internet radio is headed in a positive direction. With 91% of Hispanic monthly visitors listening on a weekly basis, the preliminary data suggests that many Hispanics are becoming loyal to Internet radio listening.