Research is Proving What We Know to be True!

52% Increased purchase intent from “In-Person Events” according to the Advertising Research FoundationA new survey just out by the Advertising Research Foundation revealed that “in-person events” can increase purchase intent as high as 52 percent! The study defined “in-person events” as brand-sponsored events including sports championships, walkathons and theme parks. While these “brand experiences” drove purchase intention from 11 percent to 52 percent among consumers, researchers indicated that such purchase intent translated directly to sales about 50% of the time. William Cook, an ARF bigwig, proclaimed in amazement. “We used two research firms and three different analyses and it all ended up at the same place: experiential marketing works,”.

Well, that’s something we’ve known here at Mercury Mambo for quite some time. And we’ll go even one step further and proclaim that our “in-person events” can raise purchase intent to levels in the 60, 70 and even 80 percent ranges as was evident in our recent 2007 Dr Pepper Sampling program targeted to Hispanic consumers in Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles and Phoenix. Although I don’t have an exact conversion rate, we did see entire pallets of product disappear during the course of a 2-hour event in Los Angeles!

Our secret? We realize that event marketing, unlike any other marketing element, has the power to walk that consumer through the ENTIRE purchase funnel in one encounter. Events can definitely create Awareness, encourage Consideration, reinforce Preference, motivate Purchase and finally instill Retention.

We believe it really goes beyond having the right product with the right message at the right time. Our goal is to extend that experience beyond that one encounter. To make a positive and meaningful impact! And that not only drives purchases, it creates fans.