Sampling Gone Bad

Picture this … a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the WalMart Supermercado in Houston buzzing with eager shoppers.

Sounds like the PERFECT time to engage customers and share with them a pretty cool promotion.

But despite how great the promotion is, it could totally fail if you have a lame sampling team.

The attached picture is not a set up. It was taken at the WalMart Supermercado a few weeks back of a non-Mambo client. These poor gals did not have a clue about the promotion, talked on their cell phones while providing us with coupons and were just plain lazy. What a huge disappointment for the brand, agency and retailer that spent A LOT of time prepping for this in-store event.

At Mercury Mambo this would NEVER, EVER fly. Our sampling team, available across 25 markets, has worked for us for many years and understands our Mambo standards. We guarantee a high level of engagement with all customers and thorough comprehension brand and event activation.

The Mambo team will be on their feet ready to sell your product off the shelf. So go ahead and test us. We welcome secret shopper visits!

Note: Brand logos were removed and ambassador identify blurred