Should QR Codes Be a Part of Your Hispanic Marketing Mix?

A couple of weeks ago, comScore, Inc released a study that found 6.2% of the total U.S. mobile audience scanned a QR code on their mobile device.

The study shows that QR code users:

  • Tend to be male (60.5%)
  • Skew 18-34 (53.4%)
  • Have a household income of $100k or above (36.1%)
  • Users are more likely to scan codes found in newspapers or magazines while at home
  • Worth noting though, is that those between the age of 25-34, who accounted for 36.8 percent of QR code scanners, were twice as likely as the average mobile user to scan a QR code

What all this hints to me but doesn’t specifically say, is that most QR users are probably of the techie or nerdy variety and early adopters. As someone who is a little nerdy and uses QR codes, my guess is that the same study next year will indicate that QR codes are moving into a more mainstream audience for one reason, they make it unnecessary to type something into your cell phone to visit a site.

Does this mean that it’s time for Hispanic marketers to start taking QR codes seriously? I say yes, as part of an integrated Hispanic Mobile Strategy. Here’s why.

Overall, our bilingual, bicultural Hispanics, with the possible exception of the income levels (for some, not all), fall squarely into the age range. Combine that with young Hispanic’s skyrocketing digital consumption and propensity to be early technological adopters, and we have a perfect storm of technology and facility. (graphic for digital consumption)

Additionally, at this point there are few drawbacks to including QR codes, only benefits:

  • In the simplest terms, QR codes enable users to go directly to a website without having to type in the URL. A lot of young Hispanic consumers are accessing sites on their mobile devices so this is something some of them might just fall in love with.
  • Because our Hispanic consumers access the internet at higher rates than other mobile subscribers, they will be likely to adopt the technology
  • Integrating QR codes into your existing POS and printed media is easy and there is little to no cost.

It’s worth noting though, if you are going to use QR codes, you should always ensure the landing pages are mobile ready.