Stock Photography Campaign Points Out The Latino Double Standard

Latin Stereotypes Ad Campaign smallA new print campaign for Latin American stock photography service Latin Stock uses a humorous approach to call for more diversity in Hispanic Advertising. The ads, created by Y&R Ecuador in Quito, explain the difference between how white people are portrayed vs. how Latin people are portrayed— in the American media, anyway. Which, of course, is what makes it weird that these ads are from Ecuador. Likely they were created for American judges at American awards shows, but let us not begrudge Y&R Ecuador their kudos for the biting social commentary. Below are the ads “Retired”, “Ecologist,” “Stockbroker,” and “Courtroom.”

The ads are signed off with the line, “We have a better image for Latin people,” though it’s doubtful a stock image company can change the world. Still, there’s something to be said for a business that uses advertising to create awareness while potentially expanding its market share.

Latin Stereotypes Ad Campaign 1

Latin Stereotypes Ad Campaign 3

Latin Stereotypes Ad Campaign 2