Thank You Thursdays

FOM (Friend of Mambo) Kandace Fierro, who works for the Girl Scouts, came by the other day with a cookie delivery. As we started going through the boxes and eating the Thin Mints, we noticed a box called “Thanks-A-Lot™.” As a Girl Scout cookie purist (again, back to the Thin Mints), I had never heard of them, but I love the name!! On the spot, I decided that we need to do something to spread a little Thanks-A-Lot around.

First, a little background. At The Mambo we have a Thursday tradition we like to call Thank You Thursdays.

It’s simple really, there are a lot of folks that help us keep The Mambo train on the tracks. We like to take a little time on Thursdays to reach out and specifically thank them.

So, in preparation for this Thursday, we decided to combine our Thanks-A-Lot good fortune and extend Thank You Thursdays to include the webosphere.

Here’s how it will work, it’s really simple. In the comments below, leave a little thank you note to someone, anyone. Could be someone that did something big for you, or someone who does little things that enhance your life (or this planet) in little ways. At the end of the day on Thursday (8/6/09), we’ll pick someone that leaves a comment at random to send them a box of Thanks-A-Lots. We’ll contact you for an address* (it can be yours or the person who you thanked or someone else that needs a thanks) and we’ll send the cookies off to them.

I’ll go first: Thanks Kandace! We [heart] the cookies!

Now, get to thankin’!

*U.S. addresses only please. For all we know, shipping cookies into other countries requires special FDA approval.