The best part of Easter? Cascarones!

We all know that the best part of Easter isn’t just being with your family and celebrating your religious or cultural values, but also — CASCARONES! I read an interesting piece recently that highlighted the significance of cascarones beyond a fun way to mess up your backyard on Easter. The piece, by Elaine Ayala, notes:

In each egg rests renewal in the promise of spring.

Long ago, Sister Rosa Maria Icaza of the Mexican American Cultural Center, now the Mexican American Catholic College, told me cascarones have religious significance, too. The eggshell represents Jesus’ tomb, she said, and the confetti is symbolic of the resurrection joy.

Whatever your connection to cascarones, ’tis the season. And if you don’t take the chance to buy them by the side of the road, or you haven’t ever made them before, no worries. We have the best thing a cascarón lover could need this time of year: a tutorial. Check out this awesome tutorial from the Internets and tell us what you think.

Image by longhorndave