The Future of Golf is Hispanic

By Liz Arreaga, Founding Partner of Mercury Mambo

I just returned from the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando and throughout the entire, wonderful show, one thing stood out to me: Where are the marketing efforts toward the Hispanic market? Fifty six percent of minority golfers in the U.S. are Hispanic and this population just continues to grow, out-pacing the general market. In the package goods world, brands that are not addressing Hispanics are leaving money on the table, but in the golf world, companies that are not reaching out to Hispanics are not only going to leave money on the table, they’re going to see the game of golf rapidly decline.   

MercuryMambo Latino Golfers 2013

If you don’t believe it, consider the fact that 12% of Hispanic Household income is over $100,000. That’s compared to 23% of white households. Then consider that one out of four people under 18 in this country are Hispanic and that 61.1% of married-couple Hispanic households have kids under eighteen. You can quickly see that if you aren’t talking to Hispanics, you aren’t talking to the future of America.

And they are waiting for your message! Fifty-three percent of Golf Channel viewers are Hispanic on a typical Wednesday night and six of the twenty PGA Golf Management University Program schools are Hispanic.

Leveraging engagement opportunities with this young, dynamic population is a must. Partnerships with Hispanic organizations, college tours and celebrity endorsements can attract new Hispanic audiences and encourage loyalty from those who are already in love with the game.

Let’s not let this opportunity slip through our fingers. I have seen the future of golf and it’s Hispanic.