The Future of Latinos and Social Media


A strong point of view on the importance of Latins and Social media, a synthetic connective tissue that allows them to re-connect culturally and politically for the causes that are most important to them.

Social media is allowing people to (re)connect with their Latino tribe. Either by leveraging their social spirit or identity construction. Social media is fueling Latinos to connect to their Latino culture, even for those that – formerly – didn’t feel the need to. Shared social causes and interests are making diverse and divergent Latino groups come together.

Mainstream interests and Latino passions. Latinos are cultural chameleons, and social media is the perfect playground for them to show their colors. Depending on the topic, their colors might be more Latino (the way they socialize) or American (at work). But in many cases they show a bicultural behavior where they combine both. Entertainment is a perfect example. Take the Xfinity Latino Facebook page. It provides a comprehensive take on entertainment, both mainstream and Latino. But it provides a take on Latino entertainment that you can’t find on the general market page, making it for everyone who’s passionate about Latino entertainment (not just Latinos).