The Future of Marketing is Bright – a visit with Austin elementary students

An Austin area public elementary school recently asked our colleague Aril Alejandro to attend Career Day and speak on the topic of marketing. In the company of EMTs, a dog trainer, an architect and a football coach, April needed to make sure to not bore them with marketing speak about branding, insights, relevance and promotions.

What’s a marketer (and mother) to do? Pull out color pencils and markers, and help the student create outdoor billboards and Applications. The 3rd and 5th graders in attendance had a very creative spirit which we hope continues to flourish. Unprovoked, they told us that the billboards for their pizza, ice cream or hot dog restaurants had to promote that they spoke Spanish there. Each child at that table spoke at least two languages and they quickly pointed out who also spoke French or Mandarin.
They shared. They were polite. They raised their hands. In the wake of bullying and cutbacks in public school systems, it was moving to see their creative spirit and language skills being supported. Let’s hope this is a growing reflection in public schools.


The future of marketing is bright The future of marketing is bright (image 2) The future of marketing is bright (image 3)