The Hispanic Vote

Today, as the Iowa caucuses are heating up to ignite the 2008 Presidential bid, many of the candidates are looking to fire up the Hispanic vote.

In the blue, Hillary Clinton is drawing Hispanic support in Iowa due to her stance on educational policy.

In the red, John McCain, long-time Arizona senator, who is often criticized by his own party for his stance on immigration reform, wins accolades from some Hispanic groups for supporting a comprehensive plan.

With these two small examples, the electorate is still trying to figure out what this “Hispanic Vote” really is…

The truth is, it’s just as varied as the general population, but with a spicy twist on how family values, education, the economy, and several other factors are implemented to best suit its demographic interest.

Now, what does that mean? Who knows…

We’ll see how the power grab for America’s top political jobs shapes up, but what is known is that we can still laugh as politicians try to say “Bienvenidos”.