The New Generation: Millennials

Coming off of last week’s historic inauguration of Barack Obama, something changed.  Could you not tell?

A new generation.  Literally.  The presidency actually skipped a generation into something America has never seen before.

Heck.  Obama is the first wired president after fighting to keep his Blackberry.

Perhaps it was because of his interaction with students at the collegiate level.  He “gets it.”  Just like my other peers “get it.”

Here’s what they “get”:

  1. Technology.  Look past Facebook and Myspace.  Look past Flickr and Twitter.  Those are the basics to my generation.  Ours is one that will use open-source coding and build new technologies from that.  A new renaissance if you will (a la Rushkoff) built on transparency.  Collaboration trumps competition.
  2. Culture.  One where you’ll hear bhangra music mixed to salsa beats.  It’s already happened.  Just watch the end of Slumdog Millionaire.  One where acculturation is unheard of.  One where an identifier, such as Latino, will only be a foundation to the rest of the cultures they’ll experience.  It’ll make more sense to integrate segments into one campaign and not differet ones.
  3. Business.  Customers instead of consumers.  People instead of targets.  Innovation will perk interest.  Sure, you can still tailor cultural cues, but a focus will be on the product and THEN the message (back to the basics of business).  Corporations will have to be invited into our lives.  But, the ends far outweigh the means.  Just be real.
  4. Music.  Sure.  Pop music will always exist.  It’s a natural occurrence.  However, it was built on false scarcity.  That is, until the internet came along.  Music tastes have been opened up, shared, and redistributed (for free).
  5. Language.  Aside from short-hand texting, neologisms (new words) will form at a faster rate.  What’s more, these words will be taken from other languages.  American English will transform.

This is just a slight slice of insight into my generation.  Stay tuned.  Or, just search Google.