The New ‘It’ Consumer – Millenials

Value for Millennials is not defined strictly by price, they seek quality of offering, sustainability programs as well as support for causes they deem appropriate from retailers and brands. For example, culture plays a key role in quality food preparation for U.S. Hispanic Millennials, with ready-to-eat, fresh and from scratch revealed as the most common forms. It’s not about the 2 for $2 hot rolling food item, but rather a fresh made to order dish , even if it’sa bit more expensive.Inexpensive/cheap does not equal value for the Millenial Hispanic shopper!

“Millennials are extremely important because their spending power is growing as their demographic bulge increases,” said David Garfield, managing director and head of the Consumer Products Practice atconsulting firm AlixPartners LLP. “It will continue to increase for a number of years and in the not too distant future, they are going to be wielding more of a collective wallet.”