The SXSW 2013 Memories from the Creative Director Lens

LatinoTakeoverThe dust has settled…the buzz is fading…and we’re finally recovered!

Following SXSW 2013 I quizzed each of my colleagues to gather their event takeaways from the #LatinoTakeover and personal lenses. I wasn’t looking for essays.

Question: Now that all things are behind us – what do you remember and what was the SXSW Latino spirit/effect?

Our Creative Director Karrie Lee offered her creative answers and her passion for fashion.

1. What I saw – Latino: Lots of Latinos at Auditorium Shores on Thursday, presented by NPR Music, featuring some of Latin America’s genre-defining artists. Cafe Tacvba with Molotov and Bajofondo. Most knew about it from their parents or were fans growing up.

2. What I heard: Lots of music inspired by different genres of Latino music, from single latin drum band set to full day parties devoted to the Sounds of Spain

3. What I DIDN’T see: Latinos at SXSWi, but some at sessions/panels geared toward mobile

4. Where Latinos should have been represented (future opportunities): Everywhere? Trick question!

5. The styles/fashions of SXSW Latinos: Latinos at interactive, not as stylish as the ones attending for music. But everyone liked mixing it up – the brands, the patterns, the colors, the old and new and they know how to do it right. Latinos are the curators of the future fashion trends. They respect the old and the value it earned. I saw a huge like of vintage for its charm and the idea of recycling clothing.

6. The Latino attitude: They are young, eager and optimistic. They keep a beat to their own upbeat drum and listen to their parents and family (as witnessed in music selections).

7. Austin Latino vs Visitor Latino: Not a lot of local Latinos. If they were from ATX they were college kids, but most others had some connection to Austin via friends

8. How Austin fared: Everyone loves Austin. They have either been here once/none or ten times before.

Karrie Awards for SXSW 2013:

Interactive Winners:
Grumpy Cat
3D printers – MakerBot
NASA – the privatization of space

SX Film Winners:
Spring Breakers
Drinking Buddies
Before Midnight

SX Music Winners:
Cafe Tacvba
Prince with a 3-hour set
Anyone with a Media badge
Fader Fort and surprise collaborations

SX Brand Winners:
Ride sharing, thanks to Uber