Three Reasons Online Music Is The Way To Latino Hearts

DJ Geraldo, Houston, TX

We all know that Latinos love smart phones and are more likely to own one than the general population. (If you didn’t know, you’re welcome.) But some recent studies of what Latinos are doing with said mobile devices gives weight to the idea that music is the surest way to ingratiate your brand with the digital Latino audience.

  1. Latinos over-index on downloading music. A recent study from Scarborough Research says that 22% of U.S. Hispanic mobile users download or listen to music on their phones vs. 15% of the general market. And they’re not just listening to Latin music either. Latinos download music in most popular genres including rap/hip hop, R&B, and alternative rock.
  2. Latinos are huge consumers of online video.When it comes to using music to advertise your brand, don’t just think aurally. Google’s Four Truths About U.S. Hispanics Online study says this group is more likely to watch video online, comment on a video, and watch videos while shopping than the general population. (64% of Hispanics visit video sharing sites vs. 50% of the general population.) Video doesn’t only encompass the traditional, 30-second commercial format, either. Look at what Lady Gaga did with product placement in her much- anticipated music video “Telephone”. With the right creative mindset, the sky’s the limit for how seamlessly you can associate your brand with your consumer’s favorite artists.
  3. When speaking to Latinos, it’s about culture and language. Most Latinos are at least a little bilingual and accustomed to filtering the world through a bicultural lens. It’s a fluidity that lends itself perfectly to music. Even those Latinos who are raised in Latin America know as much about Justin Bieber as their North American counterparts. No more awkward translating for you. Just find the right artist to represent you and you’re speaking their language.

With the rise of mobile music apps like Pandora, Slacker and Batanga, and the proclivity of Latinos to watch video while shopping, today’s brands are poised to innovate a whole new era of POP for the digital Latino consumer market.