Two Latinas Top Forbes 2012 Highest Paid TV Actresses List

Sofia Vergara Forbes Mag CoverSofia Vergara topped Forbes annual list of the U.S.’s Highest Paid TV Actresses and Eva Longoria came in at number three—proving that in 2012, Latinas are marketing gold. The actresses’ annual earnings were calculated not from their acting salaries, but also commercial deals and residuals, which is why Modern Family co-star Vergara, who we’ve mentioned on the Mercury Mambo website before as a marketing phenom, beat out the ubiquitous Kim Kardashian who came in at the number two spot.

“2012 was a boom year for the Colombian native,” says of Vergara. “She had three movie roles, scored endorsement deals in English (Cover Girl, Diet Pepsi) and Spanish (Burger King, Comcast and State Farm) and launched a clothing line with KMart that earned her a seven-figure advance.” The site also adds that Vergara is quite the savvy businesswoman with 50% ownership of the Miami-based, multi-media and management company Latin World Entertainment. “A source inside the firm pegs 2011 revenues at $27 million—with a healthy profit margin near 20%. Clients include Disney and Paramount; their YouTube channel, NuevOn, premiered in April and immediately sold out ad inventory to Procter & Gamble through 2013.” Her total earnings according to the publication: $19 million.

That’s pretty impressive work for a 40 year-old woman in an industry notorious for discarding middle-aged women.

“She’s not only the highest earning actress on television,” says Forbes’ Meghan Casserly in the below video, “But the bulk of those earnings come from her endorsement deals. She made over $12 million just in commercial deals in the past 12 months which is astronomical, really.”

Endorsement deals also helped Eva Longoria find her way to the top end of the list, at number three. While her per episode salary for ABC’s Desperate Housewives, which ends its eight-season run this year, is $375,000, Longoria boasts endorsements from L’Oreal Paris and Pepsi which helped boost her total earnings to an estimated $15 million.

Forbes rounds out their August issue with a cover story entitled, “The Next Media Jackpot: The Fight For The $1 Trillion Hispanic Market” in which the magazine hashes out the gold rush mentality occurring right now in the race to grab Latino eyeballs. Well covered territory on this site.

“Every ten years for the last few decades, the census has come out and there’s a moment where various industries stand up and say, ‘Wow, this Hispanic population is really booming we need to be paying more attention to this,’ and then they kind of fall asleep a little bit,” says Forbes’ Jeff Bercovici in the video recap of the article posted above. “Except that this time I don’t think that anyone’s going back to sleep. There’s definitely a tipping point that’s happened. […] This is a primary focus if not THE primary focus of pretty much every big company right now.”