Univision and Xbox 360 Live Gold: Not Quite Looking Like the Golden Idea…or so we thought

Mambo Interns – Our Take

A surprising venture was announced this week from Univision Communications that has sparked the question: What exactly was the thought behind this decision and was it fully thought through?

Univision VideosUnivision Communication announced the launch of UVideos, the new digital network of the best in Hispanic programming as an application on the Xbox 360 Live console. The new venture will allow audiences to discover, interact and watch the best programming from Univision’s growing portfolio of television programming. UVideos will also feature “social discover, allowing users to see what their friends are watching or follow their favorite Univision personalities, and Univision’s synched social stream, to stay connected to the pulse of Hispanic America—all in Spanish and English”.

After investigating Univision’s programming offers and Xbox 360’s users – we learned the majority of users range from 18-34 years of age and are predominantly male (Nielsen Game Play Metrics). That being said, the shows that Univision programming offers would have to attract that same target age-range. However, findings showed that Univision programming is known more for soap opera novelas, entertainment-gossip or news broadcasting. A few of their top shows are “El Talisman”, “Noticiero Univision”, “El Gordo y La Flaca” and “Primer Impacto”. The main question now is: would these shows really be able to grasp the predominantly male demographic that uses the console?

XBox Nielsen Game Play Metrics

To best get an idea of what some people would like and dislike about this application, we took a small and quick poll and found that the males in the poll would not be inclined to use such application. It would be an interruption of their gaming time, time not spent interested in news broadcasting or soap opera novelas. Because of the insight from those we polled, a better question was raised: What shows does Univision think Xbox users watch?

Insight from those polled brought about one idea that would make the UVideos application interesting. If the application were to focus more on sports programming, male gamers described being more inclined to use the application. Univision and Dish Network recently launched Univision Deportes, a cable channel providing 24-hour sports commentary and broadcasting strictly for Dish Latino users. Due to the fact that this channel is only available through Dish Latino on Dish, not many are able to watch games that are aired on the channel if they fail to buy the cable package. If the application were to allow authenticated Xbox 360 users to stream this type of programming, the male 18-34 demographic would have something to not only watch, but also share and interact with others online during the game.

XBox Engagement

While the first reaction to this announcement lead use to feel like Univision may not have thought this through, further searching brought about a “palm-to-the-face” reaction. Univision planned to do just that which I described as a suggestion. How exactly sports programming will be shared is still unclear. We apologize for jumping to conclusions without enough investigation. However, in the next blog post our interns will discuss their opinions and thoughts on the statistics that showed that the Xbox 360 users with the greatest average minutes played on non-live and live play was surprisingly women ages 45-54. Yes, you are reading that correctly, WOMEN ages 45-54.

Think about that last statistic and ask yourself: Did Univision and Xbox 360 just create an amazing application and potential online community for this ‘unexpected’ demographic?