US Population Trends Affecting Business: Hispanic Growth

Latino kidsThis article provides a great summary of the Hispanic opportunity from marketers. What I found most interesting is the fact that 1 in 4 new businesses is opened byHispanics. This fact didn’t truly surprise me as Hispanics have long been known for their entrepreneurial spirit, strong work ethic and aspirational drive for success. Butmarketers take note: While many of these new businesses may be small, they will not stay small for long. Take a look at Hispanic Business magazine’s Top 500 Hispanic Owned Business list. The top 10 businesses generated over $13 BILLION in revenue in 2011 and over 25 THOUSAND jobs. Now that’s good business!

In the last decade, over 50% of the US population growth can be credited to Hispanics. From 2011 to 2016, 60% of the growth in US population will be attributed to Hispanics.

“If one in four kids is Hispanic, that’s not a business opportunity, that’s a business imperative.”