¡Viva Fiesta San Antonio 2013!

By April Alejandro

Let me start out by saying “I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!”

This week symbolizes my official start of 2013. It is not just the change in weather – Fiesta kicks off this week! (See pic of me and my best friend since we were 4 years old. Look past all our kids now and fall in love with the authentic street food.)

Historically, Fiesta is a 10-day spring festival held in San Antonio that includes over 100 community and celebratory events that are suppose to honor the battle of the Alamo. Neighborhoods and community non-profits host signature events that attract over 3 million attendees and have an economic impact of $284 million.

For me, Fiesta is more than a party …. it is a reunion. It is a time to go home and reconnect with friends and family, eat some amazing street food and bask in my pride of being from San Anto.

My colleagues have come to know that I reserve vacation days just for Fiesta. Every day is planned – from NIOSA with my husband’s family, to Friday afternoon at Market Square with my family, to friends in between at the parades and fairs.

Fiesta is an amazing cultural experience and I encourage everyone to attend. In fact, I will gladly volunteer to guide you through all that San Antonio has to celebrate during Fiesta.

The beautiful San Antonio horizon during the Fiesta Flambeau Parade

San Antonio Skyline
My parentsFiesta Market Square with the original party animals – my parents.