Wine Review: Finca El Retiro

Finca El RetiroWe were having friends over for dinner, so I recently went to Spec’s to pick up some wine. When I walked in there was a big display (not the fancy kind, the kind the store would put up by stacking a bunch of boxes of wine and posting a small write-up with the price). They were featuring an Argentinian vinyard called Finca El Retiro.

While reading through all the write-ups, one of the Spec’s people came by and started telling me about the wines. He was a huge fan, raving about how there was no better wine at the price-point, going through their various taste profiles, etc.

On his recommendation, I ended up picking up several bottles of malbec, tempranillo and merlot. Some were the regular bottles (in the $8 a bottle range) and some were the reserves (in the $12 per bottle range).

Turns out, the Spec’s guy was right. These wines were amazing. The non-reserves were respectable, but the reserves, especially the tempranillo, were fantastic.

I’m no wine expert. I know what I like and I love to try new bottles. If you’d like to know the specific flavors and smells of these wines, pull up a few of the review sites on The Triple W.

After you do that, if the wine sounds like something you’d like, go buy a few bottles, you won’t regret it.